Our approach to problems solving involves building systems around them.


To become a core economic development support group that will create business and employment opportunities that will add value to the Nigerian economy and speed up growth and development.

Short Term Plan

To productively and profitably carry out business while adhering to moral and ethical standards to create value for both our company and our client base.

Long Term Plan

To help Nigeria create an oil-independent economy through innovative thinking and providing effective diversification strategies.

About Spearhead
Systems Strategy Limited

Spearhead Systems Strategy Limited is an investment company structured to be a problem solving organization. We take critical looks into the myriads of problems facing African societies, especially in Nigeria, and the predictable crisis of the future and create suitable holistic solutions.

We build partnerships in both public and private sectors and work together to reduce negative socio-economic indices to the barest minimum. We are currently working on the overall transformation of Northern Nigeria, whose development index is among the worst anywhere in the world.

Our Programmes


The HYDRA is a system created by Spearhead Systems Strategy Limited which harnesses untapped Human Capital, builds them and productively engages them to add value to the economy of their states or country.


The future of development in Africa lies solely in the development of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).


Spearhead internship scheme is a 12-month, paid learning programme developed to train participants to become business analyst material prior to being recruited to work in or manage any of Spearhead’s businesses.

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