About US

Our approach to problems solving involves building systems around them.

Who We ARE

Spearhead Systems Strategy Limited is an investment company structured to be a problem solving organization. We take critical looks into the myriads of problems facing African societies, especially in Nigeria, and the predictable crisis of the future and create suitable holistic solutions.

Our approach to problems solving involves building systems around them. We have, therefore, succeeded in creating several Systems, one of which is the HYDRA. The Hydra is a problem solving mechanism which effectively utilizes Human Capital. Therefore, overall Human Capacity Development is at the core of our pursuit.

We build partnerships in both public and private sectors and work together to reduce negative socio-economic indices to the barest minimum. We are currently working on the overall transformation of Northern Nigeria, whose development index is among the worst anywhere in the world.

Our short and medium term plans are to set Nigeria at a pedestal where it can compete at the same levels with other thriving world economies. Our long term plan is to create an oil-independent economy through effective diversification strategies.

Our futuristic approach sets jobs creation and manpower development at the top of our agenda. So we are aiming to be a manufacturing hub in a few years through delivering dynamic and modern goods and services to our customers.


The HYDRA is a system created by Spearhead Systems Strategy Limited which harnesses untapped Human Capital, builds them and productively engages them to add value to the economy of their states or country.


The future of development in Africa lies solely in the development of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). At Spearhead, we push for investments in STEM in order to build the necessary manpower which forms the workforce of the future.


Spearhead internship scheme is a 12-month, paid learning programme developed to train participants to become business analyst material prior to being recruited to work in or manage any of Spearhead’s businesses. It is designed to teach the participants requisite business knowledge and skill in functional areas critical for business and entrepreneurship.
To apply for the programme, prospective candidates must fulfil the following requirements:

Must have graduated from a higher institution of learning (NYSC members qualify too)

Must posses sound oral and written communication skills.

Must be able to demonstrate valuable skills including but not limited to software development, graphic designing. Interns who studied professional courses such as Engineering, Accounting, Law etc can also apply.

Our Businesses


At Spearhead, we create the market for our goods and services through robust engagement with our clientele. The aim is to create satisfaction and value and to give our shareholders adequate returns on their investments

We take climate change seriously. Our attempt here is to slow down environmental degradation and improve the health and well being of the people.

The Nigerian economy must diversify in order to survive the challenge of rising population and growing unemployment. Agriculture and agricultural processing is a proven tool for employment generation and economic sustainability. Our investments in agriculture target areas where jobs and food security are guaranteed in the value chain.

As an organization that is studded with experts in various fields, we proudly engage in knowledge transfer. We share our gains with similar or not too similar organizations at a fee and collaborate at different levels to ensure efficiency.

Our business in the Construction industry is motivated by the shortage of quality in service delivery in the sector. Infrastructural development in Nigeria and Africa can be expanded if quality structures are created and knowledgeable personnel are employed. We therefore stand as the go-to company for quality structures that are designed to guarantee satisfaction in living and ease of running businesses.
Education & Training

The standard of education in Nigeria is deteriorating at an unprecedented rate. Our intervention package seeks to restore the glory of education as the backbone or every nation’s economy. Organising academic competitions and providing scholarships while building institutions is our way of curtailing the free fall in standards.
Sports Development

Besides the physical development of the human body and the health benefits, sport provides an escape from poverty in Africa. By developing sportsmen and women, we’re building healthy citizens and a healthy economy.
Contracts & Procurement

As part of our retailing business, we make procurements and general supplies of items to our clients wherever they may be within the globe.